NFACC Information Update June 2019


Source: National Farm Animal Care Council

The Code Development Committee and Scientific Committee are in place, and their first meeting has been scheduled for July.

An analysis of the feedback from the top-of-mind survey of dairy cattle welfare concerns (open from March 29 – April 19) is still underway, and will be presented to the committees in their upcoming meeting.

The dairy cattle Scientific Committee is supported by research writer, Steve Mason, PhD, PAS. Steve operates AgroMedia International Inc., a business that works with dairy industry partners in the delivery of production information and services to primary producers. Sub-enterprises include AgInformatics, providing data management support for research, and Farm Animal Care Associates, providing support to milk producers in the implementation of improved animal health and welfare practices.

Current affiliations include Alberta Milk, where Steve serves as Research and Extension Associate, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Calgary where he is an Adjunct Associate Professor with the Production Animal Health Department and Alberta farm Animal Care where Steve serves on the board of directors.


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